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cwnnannwn e-mail | 2001-12-20 18:45:30 | 32.
Már letöltöttem a darren új számát, és most hallgatom meg kb 6-odszor, és isteni jó. nem énekel magasabban mint én tudok (node egy nő azért más...)
néhány helyet alig felismerhető.
ja és a chates dolog jó ötlet. Árasszuk el (mindenki, aki ezt olvassa) a a követeléseinkkel, hátha... Csak odakukkant néha a saját honlapjára az a paraszt... nagyon buli lenne...
És Dan milyen filmeket rendez?

Kata e-mail | 2001-12-18 23:21:48 | 31.
ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ, issteniek a képek! :)

Kata e-mail | 2001-12-17 20:19:31 | 30.
Sziasztok! Valami baj volt a régi regisztrációs nevemmel, úgyhogy most ez új. Dehát ide a Darren Hayes fórumra még nem is írtam egyáltalán. :)
No akkor szerintem futtassuk fel a fórumot legalább annyira, hogy naponta több hozzászólás is érkezzen, oké?
Ha azt akarjuk, hogy Darren itt is chat-eljen egyszer, akkor azt meg kell alapozni! :)

Előzmény: Ju-dee (29.)
Ju-dee e-mail | 2001-12-15 18:21:00 | 29.
Én most nézem és nagyon tetszenek! A göndör frizkói nem jönnek be, de az egyenes ezeken a képeken nagyon jó!!!

Előzmény: ChrisH (27.)
Esztu e-mail | 2001-12-14 21:01:03 | 28.
Én megnéztem, de nagyon nem jött be. Ízlések és pofonok...

Előzmény: ChrisH (27.)
ChrisH e-mail | 2001-12-14 20:35:34 | 27.
Ez nem jött össze. Mindegy, nézzétek meg azokat a képeket, amelyeknek az URL-jét lentebb látjátok. Érdemes. :)

ChrisH e-mail | 2001-12-14 20:34:26 | 26.
<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">
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<img src="">

ChrisH e-mail | 2001-12-11 23:57:40 | 25.
Itt a chat szövege, ahogy ígértem:

[23:52] <SonyMusic> Hello Chatters!! Welcome to the first live chat with Darren on Tonight Darren will be online to chat to you about the forthcoming release of his debut solo single - INSATIABLE, and his solo album - SPIN. Enjoy yourself!
[23:52] <SonyMusic> Darren, your fans can't wait to hear from you. Welcome!
[23:52] <Darren> Hey there everyone..thanks for logging on...I'm so excited to chat to you
[23:52] <Darren> !
[23:53] <AskDarren> SweetChildDeath-SML says: Hi, Darren. I LOVE the new single, it's amazing! I was just wondering how you would describe the sound of the rest of the songs on you're upcoming album, Spin. Thanks, Love you loads....Liz
[23:53] <Darren> While they're waiting to send me q's..just want to say I'm EXTREMELY jetlagged...just got off a plane from London in Newyork..whoa
[23:54] <Darren> Hey SweetChild...that's such an UP nick..hehe..
[23:54] <Darren> um...the record is quite a 'shake yo booty' kind of's's's where I've been but more..
[23:55] <AskDarren> Kata-SML says: Darren, do You usually read the Darren Hayes BBS? Are You curious what do we talk about?
[23:55] <Darren> *
[23:56] <Darren> Hey know I really don't read the message boards...I used to...but I really want that to be a place you inhabit and feel free to discuss whatever you want..sometimes I'll log on if I want to know what people think of a new single or something..but in general nope..
[23:56] <Darren> *
[23:57] <AskDarren> Nic-SML says: Darren, you mentioned how Yoga is doing you the world of good - would you recommend it to me (or anyone) and if so, why? BTW, love the hair;)
[23:59] <Darren> Hey Nic...Yoga probably saved me from becoming a grumpy old man for good... I haven't been able to do it as much this past month (travelling so much) but it really is such a special tool to teach you how to connect with your spirit..or REMIND you..because we all can... I would encourage anyone to try makes you forgive your tummy that kind of thing..
[23:59] <Darren> *
[23:59] <AskDarren> Bluesavage-SML says: What did you feel yesterday when you walked up on that Capital FM stage as a soloartist for the first time?
[23:59] <Darren> Hey Bluesavage...
[00:00] <Darren> Capital FM for those who don't a Huge radio station in London that had a Christmas concert the other day...I appeared on stage to introduce my single..and it was so sweet to see that people remembered me! I loved it..
[00:00] <Darren> *
[00:00] <AskDarren> sunhawk-SML says: i remember you mentioning Depeche Mode in a few different interviews as inspirations or influences on your work. Do you listen to DM, have any of their cd's?
[00:01] <Darren> Robert Conley is a huge Depeche fan..he is one half of this electronic group called Specificus who I worked with on my album... he kinda got me into them..
[[00:01] <Darren> *
[00:01] <AskDarren> StineJones-SML says: Which kind of songs do you most like performing - uptempo or slow love songs? *huge hugs from me, my Mom, and my best friend Kristina* P.S. I absolutely LOOOVE "Insatiable"!!!
[00:01] <Darren> Hey I love em all...
[00:01] <Darren> *
[00:01] <AskDarren> Aya-SML says: Darren, thank you for the most romantic sexy new single! We love it so much! question was it hard to select 12 songs carefully out of 35 songs that you wrote for the album? And how did you choose 1 more bonus track for Australia and Japan? (Aya, Tokyo/Japan)
[00:01] <Darren> Anytime I can sing live is a good time
[00:02] <Darren> I wrote so many songs because I wanted to make sure that the album was the most honest and sincere indication of my taste and where I was going musically... A lot of the 'missing' songs will appear as b-sides and unlocked tracks on the net...
[00:03] <Darren> two new songs...ride! and falling at your feet will be on the single insatiable.. and these songs are new and won't be on the album
[00:03] <Darren> *
[00:03] <AskDarren> acarp-SML says: How did you feel when you were told of the response to the first airing of Insatiable on Capital Radio?
[00:03] <Darren> I was so blown away. I definitely feel like a brand new artist and therefore don't expect things to come easy.. hearing that my fans pretty much shut down the switchboard made me a proud pappy
[00:04] <Darren> *
[00:04] <AskDarren> Annabelle-SML says: What's the best thing about living in San Francisco?
[00:04] <Darren> The best thing about sf is that no one really knows me... I can relax. I love that people respect my privacy when I'm home
[00:04] <Darren> It's such a picturesque city... lots of nature....good vibes
[00:04] <Darren> *
[00:04] <AskDarren> Pilot-SML says: travelling all around the world, having two *homes*, which country/places would you stay longer at?
[00:05] <Darren> I live in America.. I am Australian. Home is not really defined by geography for me. Travelling allows me lots of frequent flyer miles so I use them to bring the two places closer together
[00:05] <Darren> *
[00:05] <AskDarren> MELISSA-SML says: How will you describe your fans to your grandchildren when you get older?Melissa
[00:06] <Darren> As these nutters who loved me and I loved them back
[00:06] <Darren> *
[00:06] <AskDarren> Bluesavage-SML says: Will you even do a "signing-tour" when the album is out? Or will you keep us waiting until you have a show to go on the road with?
[00:07] <Darren> Um...I don't know if I'll be appearing in a mall near you...maybe a few record stores around the place... I'll be doing SO MUCH promo that you'll be sick of me... lots of one off live shows and performances well before the concert tour which by the way WILL happen
[00:07] <Darren> :)
[00:07] <Darren> *
[00:07] <AskDarren> Lajsy-SML says: Hi Darren! Thank you so much for the Radio2 gig you did in London 10th Dec 2000, it was such an incredible night! I was wondering if you enjoyed singing at that gig?
[00:07] <Darren> Loved it. I have a copy of that event and it's one of my fave memories in the garden
[00:07] <AskDarren> Matt-SML says: The Savage Garden album was about falling in love, the Affirmation album was about discovering that love don't last forever. Have you discovered any more things about love you want to tell us in your Spin album?
[00:08] <Darren> Love is all
[00:08] <Darren> :)
[00:08] <Darren> Spin is where my head is at.. romance...romance.. real connections..fate all of it. I am a believer. In these days of war and misery I preach romanticism openly.
[00:09] <Darren> We are meant to pair off. Go. Do it now!
[00:09] <AskDarren> Pru-SML-2 says: How do you think the music that you make now varies to the music that you used to make in Savage Garden?
[00:10] <Darren> It's just a natural extention. It's me. Almost thirty. Relaxed. Happier. It's saucy. (sexy for the americans...) hehe
[00:10] <Darren> *
[00:10] <Darren> You can boogie to it
[00:10] <AskDarren> BlackWidow-SML says: I think you look happier on pics from the last few months. You look more relaxed when you´re meeting the fans for example. Do you feel happier now or was it just a cool attitude you had before? ;-)
[00:12] <Darren> I never had a cool attitude. I am happier now though. Back then I was probably tired and had the weight of the world on my shoulders..worrying about the future of my career and my health.. these days I am so grateful to be alive and healthy and singing... after September 11 I think it was the completion of a spiritual journey I had begun..where I now (even though I have far to go) feel like I have graduated from complaining and am no
[00:12] <AskDarren> Bex-SML says: You have attained so many of your dreams, but is there one major wish you have yet to achieve?
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[00:12] <Darren> I want to be a Daddy
[00:12] <Darren> *
[00:12] <AskDarren> swisspeach-SML says: What was the best part of working and collaborating with other people during the recording of Spin
[00:13] <Darren> Freedom!! Musical input. The ability to truly produce and make a record that sounds like the music I truly dig. No pun intended.
[00:13] *** Bonnie-SML ( has left #ColumbiaRecords-Event4
[00:13] <Darren> *
[00:13] <AskDarren> Mia-SML says: After listening to "Insatiable", finding it just lyrically incredibly and musically sexy, I came to the conclusion that this is definitely the Darren that we, as fans, were meant to hear. But what are YOUR feelings on this solo album? :)
[00:14] <Darren> I feel that this record is the album I was born to make. I feel like I have only just begun. I'm so thankful for the last few years of mylife and the music that Daniel and I made together..but right now I feel like I've hit my stride
[00:14] <AskDarren> Laurie-SML says: Hi Darren! Again, so good to have this opportunity to ask you a question. Can you tell me a little bit more about the process that went into writing Spin? Did you spend a lot of time reflecting and writing lyrics when you felt the sensation overwhelm you or perhaps you actually scheduled time to write, telling yourself "Okay Darren... sit down now and write!" lol. Thanks
[00:14] <Darren> Hey Laurie..
[00:17] <Darren> I'm always listening tomusic... lyrics are SO important to me. Often I can have a conversation with someone without speaking... I just choose songs to play to them that convey my mood. Strange. But true.
[00:17] <AskDarren> Mia-SML says: As fans, sometimes, we have a lot of expectations...but as a popstar, who's also a fan, what are your expectations of us?
[00:18] <Darren> I don't have any. I just make music I want to hear. If you dig it... cool. if not..someone else will... we all grow and change. I just like it when you guys treat me with consideration... as you always do anyway. I always say you are my employer. I wouldn't be here tonight without you.
[00:18] <AskDarren> Kerrie-FemaleNormanM says: Is it easier to write songs when your emotions are at the wildest?
[00:19] <Darren> Totally.
[00:20] <Darren> I always write when I'm emotional..... I'm like a child anyway.... I don't have the ability to edit myself.. I love LARGE and get sad BIG TIME but it's all part of my job description... I never thought I could write so many happy songs as I did on this record..but hey..guess who's happy? :)
[00:20] <AskDarren> Spot-SML says: Darren, when you go on tour with your solo album, will you just be singing songs from "Spin," or old Savage Garden songs too? Is that even legal? And on a side note, have you ever seen the movie Newsies?
[00:20] <Darren> Legal! Hahaha..of course I'll perform some Savage Garden songs..they're my songs anyway! They're a part of my history.
[00:20] <AskDarren> Bedazzled-SML says: Since everyone always asks music related questions, I'll ask if there is one thing in your life you would change? One event, one decision, anything from thr past that you would change and how you feel it would change your present life. LOVIN the hair Darren! Simply breathtaking! Good luck with Insatiable and Spin! Can't wait to see you in New York again- Keri, NY, NY
[00:21] <Darren> I don't believe in regret. Everything happens for a reason and I wouldn't be here today without the mud on myshoes..
[00:21] <AskDarren> crimsonsky-SML says: Will there be any multimedia features on the "Insatiable" single...such as the Video to watch on your computer?
[00:22] <Darren> There will be cool stuff on the album. A key. To unlock free stuff. Like extra songs. Bsides..demos. rare things. Mpegs of me nude.
[00:22] <Darren> Kidding about the nude bit
[00:22] <AskDarren> Sheena-SML says: What do you do in your free time?
[00:23] <Darren> I think you all know. Yoga. Drink coffee. Even though I am not supposed to.
[00:23] <Darren> I love going out to dinner or having a few close friends over for a quiet meal in myhouse. Just simple relaxing things that are the opposite of this busy life.
[00:23] <AskDarren> Damara-SML says: Hi Darren, mi question is: How do you feel knowing that so MANY people from other countries wanna hear your new album so much even when it is not their native tonge and they give you their love and support, and are you planing to come back to Mexico city?? WE LOVE YOU HERE!!!!!
[00:25] <Darren> I am always so humbled when I see fans in Japan or Brazil singing my english lyrics back to me... it's a huge honor and it means that melody is bigger than any of the walls that divide us. In spin..the song.. I'm talking about that very thing... I say (in relation to melody) 'can a piece of me flow through you?' and I mean it. I think today...celebration is important. Let me entertain you.
[00:25] <AskDarren> Host says: Darren, it's been great talking with you today, and we can hardly wait for INSATIABLE and SPIN! Any last thoughts for your fans, before we have to close?
[00:26] <Darren> I'm sorry I have to go! I'd stay all night if they let me but they're already dragging me down the hall to the Backstreet Boys chat. I'm filling in for Nick. Kidding of course. Imagine I said 'just kidding' in a Kenny from SouthPark voice and it's funnier. Um.. I love you and I am so thankful for your support..your hugs..your love and encouragement. God Bless and take care..xxxD
[00:27] <SonyMusic> Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for being a part of the first chat on Hopefully we'll see you in person somewhere in the world, at some stage on the promo tour. Speak to you soon!
[00:27] <SonyMusic> Don't forget to visit to sign up for email updates on the latest info about Darren.
[00:27] <SonyMusic> SPIN will be released worldwide in the spring of 2002!
[00:27] <|> This has been a presentation of, produced by LiveWorld, Inc. Copyright 2001. All rights reserved.

Ju-dee e-mail | 2001-12-11 18:13:58 | 24.
Holnap indul a!!!!!!!!!
Nézzétek meg, érdemes!!

ChrisH e-mail | 2001-12-07 23:57:09 | 23.
Most szólok, hogy teljesen fölöslegesen maradtok ébren, abszolute nem éri meg, ugyanis
1, csak fél órás chat lesz
2, moderált chat, ami azt jelenti, hogy nem beszélhettek egyáltalán, csak ültök és nézitek, amint valaki felteszi a kérdéseket, és Darren válaszol rájuk
3, többnyire a 'csókos' rajongók kérdéseit válogatják ki, kicsi az esélye annak, hogy ismeretlenül is kérdezhettek
4, a chat után néhány perccel már olvasható lesz az egész a BBS-én, mi több, ha gondot okoz, akár meg is ígérhetem, hogy idemásolom nektek.

Körülbelül 8-10 alkalommal játszottuk el ezt a Savage Gardennel, és mindig (MINDIG) ugyanígy történt minden, tanultam belőlük.
Sajnálom, ha kiábrándítottalak benneteket, de tényleg jobban jártok, ha inkább kipihenitek magatokat, és másnap rendesen tudtok figyelni a suliban, melóhelyen.
Majd ha egyszer eljön Magyarországra, rávesszük, hogy a is csevegjen egy kicsit. :)

Előzmény: Ju-dee (22.)
Ju-dee e-mail | 2001-12-07 17:47:21 | 22.
Kedden éjfélkor félórás chat lesz Darrennel a oldalon!!!
Ju-dee e-mail | 2001-12-07 17:41:46 | 21.
Nem az FBI-tól, csak jó 'emiles' kapcsolataom vannak... :-))
Egy csomó helyen lehetett olvasni, de sajnos az oldalt már megszüntették... :-(((((

Előzmény: Esztu (18.)
Esztu e-mail | 2001-12-05 18:43:38 | 20.
mi az hogy sorry??? az SG-be KELL írni!! hiszen ott van Daniel is! Róla se szabad ám megfeledkezni. Meg tettem fel benne pár kérdést, hohy legyen téma.

Előzmény: Zyzy (19.)
Zyzy e-mail | 2001-12-05 09:09:35 | 19.
Csöppet késésben vagyok... most jutottam el odáig, hogy rájöjjek, már van külön topic Darrennek... eddig mindig csak a kedvenc fórumot néztem... sorry, mert a SG-be írtam...

Előzmény: Esztu (18.)
Esztu e-mail | 2001-12-03 19:55:09 | 18.
Akkor mire vársz??? Ide vele!! :))
És te honnan tudtad meg a címet? Az FBI-tól?? :)

Előzmény: Ju-dee (17.)
Ju-dee e-mail | 2001-12-03 18:05:05 | 17.
Nagyon jó!!!!! Imádom!!!! Imádom a szövegét, a dallamát, Darren hangját, az egészet!!!

Megvan az URL amiről le lehet tölteni, de itt nem írhatom le, ezt a menedzsment megtiltotta! De az nincs megtiltva, hogy privát emailben bárkinek is elküldjem!!! :-)))

Előzmény: Esztu (16.)
Esztu e-mail | 2001-12-02 19:31:11 | 16.
ne máá, télleg?? és honnan?? jó az egész szám? nekem az a szörnyű magas hang nem jött be...

Előzmény: Ju-dee (15.)
Ju-dee e-mail | 2001-12-02 15:16:23 | 15.
Vannak olyan szerencsések, akiknek az egész megvan.... :-)))

Előzmény: Esztu (14.)
Esztu e-mail | 2001-12-01 19:44:45 | 14.
jaja, elküldte a columbia e-mailben, és nem rossz a dallama! csak olyan magasan énekel, ááhh!! csak egyszer tudtam meghallgatni, többször nem bírja lejátszani!!

Előzmény: Ju-dee (13.)
Ju-dee e-mail | 2001-12-01 16:51:32 | 13.
Már frissítették!
Le lehet tölteni egy 30 mp-s részletet az Insatiable-ből.

Előzmény: Esztu (11.)
Esztu e-mail | 2001-11-25 19:58:39 | 12.
Esztu e-mail | 2001-11-25 19:56:19 | 11.
a darrenhayes.comot már frissítették?

Előzmény: Ju-dee (10.)
Ju-dee e-mail | 2001-11-23 18:28:12 | 10.
Igen, decemberben csak a kislemez jön. :-(((
Legutóbbi adatok szerint az album március 18-án jön.

Előzmény: franky (7.)
Esztu e-mail | 2001-11-21 19:54:15 | 9.
ez a beszéd franky! ők tényleg egy frankó csapat, de azért Darren haja...khm, bár ha egy iszonyú jó pasi, és szar számokat énekel, akkor tök mindegy hogy néz ki.
amúgy engem se érdekel különösebben a külsejük, csak kb másfél éve tudom pontosan, hogy hogy néznek ki...

Előzmény: franky (8.)
franky e-mail | 2001-11-21 12:35:58 | 8.
Amugy szerintem Darrennek mindedj hogy milyen haja van.En nem azert hallgatom a Savage Gardent mert szerelmes vagyok van ilyesmi.Darren különleges teremtes.Valamennyire tudok angolul es tetszik ahogy Darren nyilatkozik.Lehet hogy kiröhögtök de nehany szemszögböl olyan mint en.(Raadasul en is bika vagyok):))Tetszik a termeszete,nem lazong,nem nagykepüsködik.Csak teszi a dolgat.(ugyanigy Dani is)Ök egy nagyon jo csapat voltak!Szoval ez a velemenyem.Nekem mindedj hogy egyenes vagy göndör,szines vagy tarka Darren haja.
franky e-mail | 2001-11-21 12:26:13 | 7.
Köszönöm hogy valaki vegre elarulta hogy mi van Darrenel.Akkor most csak kislemez lesz decemberben?Egyebkent hol lehet Darren szamat meghallgatni?Köszi a valaszod Ju-Dee.

Előzmény: Ju-dee (6.)
Ju-dee e-mail | 2001-11-20 17:51:36 | 6.
Azt tudom róla, hogy (ha minden igaz) pár héten belül megjelenik az első kislemeze, az Insatiable. Az album március 18-án jelenik meg (legutolsó info szerint).

Hát úgy röviden ennyi a lényeg!!

Az már csak mellékes, hogy a régi rövid fekete haja helyett a drágának most kb vállig érő göndör szőke haja van...

Előzmény: franky (5.)
franky e-mail | 2001-11-17 22:42:03 | 5.
Mi van Darren-nel?

Előzmény: Ju-dee (1.)
franky e-mail | 2001-11-17 21:11:08 | 4.
van itt egyaltalan valaki?
franky e-mail | 2001-11-17 21:09:48 | 3.
sziasztok!van valami Darrenröl?
Esztu e-mail | 2001-11-16 19:57:47 | 2.
hűűha! :)
én már írtam egy rakatot róla az im-neten, most csak annyit tudok, hogy kíváncsi vagyok, mit alkot...

Ju-dee e-mail | 2001-10-17 16:43:46 | 1.

Ez egy új téma, ami Darren Hayes-el foglalkozik, aki a Savage Garden énekese volt, és most szólókarrierbe kezd.

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